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Pakistani Drama:The title can be intriguing for many readers but it’s all about the theatre and drama industry in Pakistan. Historically speaking it is a deep rooted phenomenon .Many many centuries ago it existed in Mughal empire .At that time it was something adopted from Iranian tradition mixed with Indian aroma. Puritan age of Aurangzeb not only weakened the foundations of Mughal Empire but also went against centuries old cultural tradition of pluralistic social texture of India. It was the time when village theatre succeeded to establish itself throughout subcontinent in different regional languages. Urdu theatre started to appear with the arrival of the English rulers. Presentation of Inder Sabha written by Agha Hassan Amanat in the court of Wajid Ali Shah can be reffered as the start of modern Urdu theatre though in a very classical way. From mid 19th century to mid 20th century it got enormous popularity among the masses. Parsi Theatre is just one example in this regard. Definitely no one can ignore the name of Agha Hashar Kashmiri who touched new peaks under the banner of Parsi Theatre.
After 1947 Pakistani drama has been going through different changes. In the beginning it was having a traditional flair. Gradually it started expanding to new horizons. Changing socio political situations played their role to influence Pakistani drama .Start of TV in 1962 ushered a new era.Artists from every class got the chance to exhibit their talent.

Pakistani dramatizations are known for being moderately short, and more often than not end after a keep running of short of what one year. This makes them shorter than cleanser musical dramas, yet any longer than serials.Most Pakistani dramas depend on Urdu novels, be that as it may, now and then the story line tends to digress from the novel’s plot with a specific end goal to be TV good. They have additionally been utilized more than once to transmit cultural messages, by joining them into story lines. Customarily, Pakistani show plots have advanced and the subjects they address enlarged. For example, ladies are presently observed having more non-customary parts. Additionally, already unthinkable topics, for example, separate, sexual mishandle, and bigotry are currently starting to show up. Be that as it may, kissing on screen is as yet thought to be inadmissible for Pakistani TV.

Pakistani dramas tend

Middle-class Dramas:

Middle class drama shows typically features a poor Boys and Girls who falls in love with a rich Boy or Girl.

Historical dramas:

which usually portrays the life of a famous Pakistani or set during the Mughul Empire.

Rural Romance:

which is usually set in rural Pakistan with some aspects of romance and typical village issues.

Teen drama :

A new genre which portrays the lives of college teenagers and the typical coming-of-age related issues.

Comedy drama:

The approach of radio show, silver screen, and specifically, TV made more prominent weight in showcasing to plainly characterize an item as either parody or dramatization. While in live performance center the distinction turned out to be less and less critical, in broad communications comic drama and dramatization were obviously isolated. Comedies were required to keep a reliably light tone and not challenge the watcher by presenting more genuine substance.



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