The UN Military Observer Group in India, Pakistan Should Expand

The UN Military Observer Group in India, Pakistan Should Expand

NEW YORK: Pakistan called on expanding the UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan to counter the threat of peace and security in the region.

Speaking to the Special Conservation Committee, the UN Ambassador to UN Maleeha Lodhi said that the UN Mission, UNMOGIP is a critical factor for regional stability. “It needs to be expanded to respond to existing threats and facts”, he stressed.

He reiterated the support of Pakistan with uninterrupted support to UN peacekeeping, both as one of the largest and consistent contributors and also as the host of one of the oldest UN peacekeeping missions, UNMOGIP.

The Special Safety Committee is a unique forum that brings together all stakeholders of peacekeeping, police and police contributors, financial supporters, Security Council members and the UN Secretariat to discuss every aspect of peacekeeping. Lodhi emphasizes the need to address the causes of conflict in combat so as to bring lasting peace. Maintaining security, he says, needs to be strengthened through support for political solutions and mediation processes.

“The goal of civilian protection is the best service by avoiding the outbreak of armed conflicts in the first place, addressing the causes of root conflicts, and finding crucial political solutions to disputes, “he added.

The ambassador forecasting the UN peacekeeping budget cuts, saying “The lack of adequate resources does not affect the non-execution of the very mandates we make for our Blue Helmets. We should talk about to improve capabilities, not to reduce the board on the peacekeeping budget. ”

The Pakistani envoy expressed concern about the growing threat of safety and security of UN peacekeepers who are expanding into complex and dangerous operating environments. He called for concrete steps to be taken to ensure the safety of UN peacekeepers and added, “In cinema such as the Mali and Democratic Republic of Congo, Blue Helmets are often caught in direct attack, one not something that has not been so long ago a few years ago. “He emphasizes the security impact of strategic decisions during planning and mandates to create periods of peacekeeping operations and said that the Security Council has ordered, when and when based on political benefits, further integrate the situation in the land, the rise of risky danger.

The basis of peacekeeping should be preserved even if we adapt to the transformation of facts, Lodhi’s stress and warn that the breaking of the line between peacekeeping and peacekeeping is at high risk because it will affect the neutrality of Blue Helmets, which are becoming weaker in attack targets.In this context he also referred to the High-Level Panel on Peace Operations (HIPPO) and the consensus view of peacekeeping practitioners who agreed that UN’s UN peace operations “were not appropriate tools for operations military counter-terrorism “.

It is argued that the wide support, legitimacy and credibility that UN peacekeeping has maintained over the years has focused on these principles, Lodhi said that despite the need for reforms, we have greatly felt the change in the basic peacekeeping rules are not permitted.

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